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About Us

Our Purpose Is Helping Our Customers Achieving Their Goals And Our Tools For Helping Are Our Attitude, Our Commitment For Service and Our Products.

We are a group of professionals of the Oil and Gas industry with many years of experience in diverse areas of the industry, from upstream to downstream, from drilling to engineering and project management.

What we all have in common is the passion for helping people and learning new lessons every day.

C&M3 Services provides goods and services for end users and re-sellers alike.

What we do for end users:

Because of our years of experience and networking in the industry, we have partnered with OEM manufacturers from around the globe to offer you the best available products to suit your needs at the lowest costs and without sacrificing quality nor safety. 

We bridge the way between the great technology provided for those really smart companies that are mostly focused in their respective domestic markets and bring them to the international arena.

If our product is not the best fit for your needs, we can help you as purchasing agents and find the product that you are seeking.

What we do for resellers:

We do our best helping buyers in closing the sale by providing a prompt and quick response to their requests and offering advice from sales, application and logistics.

Our associates are always up to date on overall market conditions and price trends that affect purchasing decisions. We are familiar with the international bidding and tender processes and can help you evaluating proposals and financial analysis of profits, as well as negotiate contracts and monitor the success of contracts and agreements as they're executed.

Either your company is seeking for products to resale or you are the end user, we will assist you in the selection and purchase of goods and services by gathering and screening information about products, prices, and suppliers.

We are in constant pursuing of the best suppliers and in forming business relationships with the wider group of suppliers. Our job is to balance quality with cost to ensure that the best purchases are made.

We are here to help.

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We at C&M3 Services are happy to help you with your project, tender or whichever business opportunity you want to attack.
We will recommend the product or equipment that fits the best for you and if we don't have one that fit your need, we will help you to find it in the market.
 Let's talk and walk through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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